Improve Your Spelling and Enter The New World Without Borders

Is language learning hard for you? Does it take too much time to learn new vocab, synonyms, and phrasal verbs? Do you feel like it is hard to force yourself to do that hard work time after time? I did. Obviously we are not the first language learners in history.

We have destructive environments that make everything harder for us. Those destructive environments become one of the biggest problems if you are trying to learn a new language. You try to learn a new thing but your mobile phone vibrates, that advertisement on the dictionary website becomes really attractive, you remember the 100-year-old house chores you need to do and more.

Before I continue this post, I would like to emphasize one point that most of the people are missing: the problems are common and not a new thing for us. However, there is no silver bullet or magic pill that will fix all of these problems. According to my approach, we should vary the resources and revamp our working environment with a bunch of new tools. Once I was working on English, I started to realize doing these repetitive things didn’t help me very much, including writing sentences/essays, watching videos in English, reading articles, etc. I don’t claim these aren’t good in terms of learning English, but for a while, they can become a serious problem. Especially, if your personality tends to get bored from repetitive things.

A few months ago I realized that once things become a routine, I don’t want to work on them anymore. I started to mix up my working routine and my productivity increased dramatically as a result. I used different kinds of English content for my English Learning aim instead of remaining stuck in boring and monotone English books. I started to listen to podcasts, read articles related to my hobbies, write essays for a purpose that dealt with real-life problems I faced, speak with native speakers and more.

One day I needed to spell a word during a real conversation and I totally screwed it up. It took about 1 and a half minutes to spell it because I was trying to repeat that alphabet song which is always taught by English Tutors in the first couple of classes. The person I was speaking to was kind and it was totally fine for that moment, but I started to think about other situations. For example, what if I try to spell a word during a meeting? It wouldn’t be nice for me. I quickly did some research on mighty Google and realized that there is no specific website that focuses on this problem. There were websites that have written a few words on a post and have said go ahead and do these spelling exercises. It wasn’t enough.


I am still a language learner. It takes too much time to learn and speak a language fluently, but I wanted to give something back to the community and wanted to help people who are struggling with a similar spelling problem. This is me giving back and I am glad to present you